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In Memoriam

Rusty Magee

A Celebration of our Beloved Friend

Riverside Memorial Chapel
New York City

Sunday, March 2, 2003

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Jocelyn Noveck

Friend of Rusty

Rusty was a man of many passions, and I'm up here to recall just one of them: his love for all things French.
I went to college with Rusty, but we didn't really get to know each other until years later, in France, when he, Alison and Nat stayed with me in my apartment in Paris one summer. We went to Versailles; we ate great food; we lit a fire (summers can be cold in Paris); we discussed the Tour de France and the World Cup.
A few months ago I called Rusty and told him I was bringing over an Edith Piaf CD for him to listen to. And he said, 'Ah, Jocelyn, je ne regrette rien.'

Rusty loved French pop music, French food, French literature and of course, the French language. Because of that love, Alison thought it would be nice to introduce this next, very special moment of the service
in French.

Alors, je suis tres contente de vous presenter Nat Magee et son tres bon copain, Luca Guaitolini, qui vont lire ensemble un extrait de ce merveilleux roman, Le Petit Prince, un livre qu'Alison et Rusty aimaient
beaucoup lire a Nat quand il etait un petit bebe.

Nat, Luca: The Little Prince, a book that Rusty and Alison loved reading to Nat when he was a baby.

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