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In Memoriam

Rusty Magee

A Celebration of our Beloved Friend

Riverside Memorial Chapel
New York City

Sunday, March 2, 2003

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Jack Mason


I'm Jack Mason. And these are my friends Sean Kelly and Bob Golden.
Rusty was a great friend to each of us. We're speaking to you together because he was a special spark to us as a group.

In his last few weeks of life, Rusty took to calling us his Triumvirate, his trusted circle.

In truth, Rusty had a tremendous talent for friendship, both with individuals and groups. We're just one of the latest models.

That we gelled as fourway friends later in life made our collective bond with him even more special. Rusty had an uncanny ability to connect with people, and to connect people, throughout his life.

Bob met Rusty first through their long and close collaboration in the music business. He's going to tell you a bit about his personal and professional connection with Rusty in a moment.

Sean and I met Rusty through Bob. We all went to Brown, in different years, yet grew as a group of friends well outside and after Providence.
Rusty was the energized intelligence that inspired us and supported our individual creative efforts. And we were in return three of his biggest fans. In fact, Sean may be the only person who saw Rusty's musical The Green Heart five times.

He's going to say a few words about Rusty's creative connections in a second.

But in the end, we were a team. We may not have had a sport or a league, but we sure loved playing together. And while Rusty called us the Triumvirate, we were never just a trio. We were always a quartet, with Rusty on lead laughter.
Some have said that together we were like the Beatles…minus of course, the hair, fame, fortune and matching suits.

Of course, none of us ever wanted to be Ringo…but, now, I guess we're a bit more like the Beatles without John.

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